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Thursday, September 11, 2014


We’re not necessarily the sort of people you would consider early adopters.

We’re not the first in line to buy the latest technological gimcrack or gewgaw. (The iPhone 6 will probably have to wait.) And yet we are not complete Luddite dinosaurs. Viz:

Yes, this is a real product. And today, for the first time, I tried it... and it worked. It worked most effectively, living up to its (refreshingly candid) advertising.

Now there’s no need to get cocky... or at least to get cocky-aroma in the old nostrils.

It’s a refreshing surprise to find a product that does what it claims to do... and even more surprising, to find its place in the market despite never being advertised on television - to my knowledge, anyway. Social media seem to be doing the heavy lifting, along with Internet-based sales and distribution - a real 21st century business model.

Why, it’s the best thing since sliced loaf bread!


WitNit said...

Does it list side effects? If it's chemically based, makes me wonder. The ad itself is an instant classic.


Elisson said...

Side effects? Doubt there are any, since you're not ingesting the stuff - just spraying a thin film over the water in your loo.

The ingredients seem to be mostly aromatic essential oils... a lot less worrisome than the stuff in the typical air freshener spray. Also a lot less "chemically," if that's an issue for you.