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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


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No, this is not who you think it is. It’s Eliyahu ha-Navi (Elijah the Prophet), who celebrates Passover every year by passing over all the world’s children in his magical sleigh-like chariot.

Tomorrow is Christmas, or as we Red Sea Pedestrians call it, “Wednesday.” We will celebrate the day in the tradition of our ancestors, by going out for Chinese food and seeing a movie.

In days past, these were activities that, on Christmas, would be practiced almost exclusively by us Jews. Lately, though, there has been a disturbing tendency on the part of the Christian population to indulge in these selfsame amusements.

I suppose the siren songs of the silver screen and of the steaming tureen of hot and sour soup cannot be denied, even as the freshly unwrapped presents litter the floor beneath the Christmas tree... but it does make it harder to secure restaurant reservations and theatre tickets. Whatever happened to staying home with the family and drinking yourself silly with eggnog and wassail?

Regardless of how you decide to spend the day, let me wish a healthy, peaceful, and most Merry Christmas to our Christian friends. (And save us a seat at the movies, OK?)


Kevin Kim said...

Merry Christmas (or Happy Odin's Day) to you and yours!

mostly cajun said...

Back at ya, buddy! Merry Christmas and all other manner of good wishes to you and your family!


Joe said...

Merry Wednesday!

Maven said...

IDK about anyone else, but we went for (unsurprisingly) Indian food yesterday.