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Sunday, August 4, 2013


This Friday evening just past, we gathered with our usual group for Shabbat dinner - our first time in four weeks, owing to our prodigious travel schedule.  Accordingly, we offered to host.

Was it a pleasant evening?  Of course it was.  Good friends and good food always make for good times.  Throw Shabbat into the mix and it becomes extra special.

Of course, it ain’t Shabbat without a fresh-baked challah.

Challah 080213

Also on the menu: “Everything” salmon burgers and Buffalo-style grilled corn.  Oooooooh, tasty.

Salmon Burgers

Buffalo Roasted Corn

As I tended to grill-related operations, Houston Steve was kind enough to shake up a few Aviation cocktails.  I had procured a bottle of Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin earlier in the day for just such an eventuality, and Steve did his job well.  As a special treat, we drank from our newly acquired vintage etched glass coupes, the cobalt blue bases of which complemented the purplish color of the drinks beautifully.

Aviation Cocktail

Quite possibly the best Aviation I have ever had.

What better way to welcome the Sabbath bride... and to celebrate our happy homecoming?