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Monday, December 3, 2012


In the past week, Levon has made himself right at home here at Chez Elisson.

He knows where the food and water bowls are.  He knows where Mommy and Daddy’s bed is.

He most definitely knows where Mommy is at all times.

White on White
“So that’s what happened to my kid brother!”  Levon checks out SWMBO’s fuzzy white sweater, during the making of which no actual cats were harmed.

He does not know, as of yet, how to catch the Laser Dot.  But he is working on it.

He is playful, full of youthful energy and enthusiasm, and packed with what Rudyard Kipling called “’satiable curtiosity,” much like the Elephant Child.  This, combined with his affectionate nature, brings us back to the days almost eighteen years ago when Matata was a playful little kitten.  Bittersweet, yes it is, but mostly very sweet.

You never know where he’ll show up next...

Crystal Kitty
“Is this the arena for the Bowl Games of which you humans speak?”

Admit it: doesn’t that white coat remind you of that old joke about the bear and the rabbit?


Rahel said...

Help. It's that paw on the rim of the crystal bowl that's got me.

Oh, Levon's fur must be soft as silk. Please bury your fingertips in it, skritch, and listen to his purr for me.

LeeAnn said...

Obviously a Levon is a necessity to which all civilazations must aspire.

I think by that I mean cute beyond cute.

Teresa said...

Absolutely adorable. Levon in the bowl - a gem indeed. Love it.