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Friday, June 18, 2010


She Who Must Be Obeyed and I had a meeting with our financial adviser this morning to review our portfolio. I’m happy to report that our investments are performing well enough so that we will not need to move into a cardboard refrigerator box and subsist on a diet of cat food and potato peels for at least a year or two.

One of the topics we discussed, in the context of Resource Reallocation, was the economic impact of burgeoning middle classes in both China and India. Between the two countries, there are now something well north of a billion people with annual incomes over $6,000. That doesn’t sound like much to most Americans, but it’s a lot of money in countries that historically have had little in the way of a bourgeoisie. It’s enough to constitute disposable income. Money with which you can buy shit besides basic food and shelter.

It means that we are now competing with a growing number of Chinese and Indians for certain scarce resources... like petroleum. We can drive hyper-efficient hybrid engine cars until the (sacred) cows come home, but all that conservation will be like pissing in the wind next to the growth in Asian oil consumption. Not to say that we shouldn’t conserve: we should. But it won’t help much to lower energy prices.

Concurrent with all this, advances in human genome mapping and medicine will eventually drive the next big wave of technological advance - in the field of pharmaceuticals. Drugs that are tailored to fight specific genetic conditions or that are fine-tuned to an individual’s DNA will be the next big thing.

Now, couple the growing wealth and the rich cultural fabric of India with advances in the pharmaceutical industry, and you have an excellent vehicle for investment. I speak, of course, of Dr. Patel’s fine products...

Dr. Patel’s Nostrums
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Dr. Patel’s Lingam Lotion and Bangla Douche are available at finer Drug Emporia.  Try some today!


Houston Steve said...

Is it true that the Lingam Lotion, when applied liberally, will cause the engorged male member to shift to the left, and conversely, when applied conservatively, will cause it to shift to the right?

Froth said...

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That's just great.

Really, it's okay.

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