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Thursday, January 13, 2011


SnowJam Nightglaze

The ice-encrusted snow in front of our house shines in the streetlamp’s glare, contrasting sharply with the dry concrete of the driveway.

The road out of our subdivision is still a solid sheet of ice, its gentle slope transformed into a fearsome declivity. Once outside, the roads are mostly clear, albeit with a few patches of black ice here and there to snare the unwary or careless driver. Warmer weather tomorrow should improve matters.

How bad has it been? She Who Must Be Obeyed, an employee of the county Public School District, will have had the entire week off - tomorrow’s closing has already been announced. I feel safe in saying that this Winter Weather Event has been even worse than Snow Jam 1982, even though the snow/ice/snowstorm 29 years ago involved a whole horde of people getting stuck - or heavily delayed - on the way home from work.

Now, what do we call it? Snow Jam 2011? Snowpocalypse Atlanta? The Royal Icing? Got any other suggestions?


Kevin Kim said...

Not enough salt trucks, I gather.

Anonymous said...

cool shot...you guys be safe.

- Morris William

Elisson said...

@Kevin - Major winter storms are a rare enough event in Atlanta that the city and state don't have a whole lot of money invested in snow removal equipment - plows, sand/salt trucks, et alia. As horrible as things get here when a big snow-and-ice storm hits, it makes no sense to insure against something that happens only once every 20 or 30 years.