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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hakuna Bokeh
Hakuna, a perfect storm of Coffee, Cream, and Kitty.

Once upon a time, it was practically obligatory for bloggers to post photographs of cats on Friday. Now that blogging has become a Moribund Platform, seemingly eclipsed by Facebook and Twitter, Friday catblogging inches ever closer to extinction.

But Hakuna, she does not give a crap about any of that. She’s still here, occupying her own plane of existence far above the petty concerns of the Bifurcated Gods.

Aloof.  Beautiful.  Coffee, cream, chocolate... and Cat.


john said...

Your take on blogging? For the popular blogs, mostly right. There's still some good stuff out there on the less noticed spots, but it is hard to find.

Your take on Hakuna? Absolutely, 100% spot on. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Wonderful picture and rather peotic words. Thank you!

Rahel said...

I'm just sitting here, imagining that I can reach out and give Hakuna a kitty hug.

What a lovely cat. Thank you for posting the photo!