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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A bittersweet and sobering observation: My mother (of blessèd memory) walked the planet for sixty years, three months, and twenty-five days.  Not nearly long enough.

And, as of one week ago today, I have succeeded in outliving her.  (Keyn ayin hara!)

I would have been perfectly happy waiting another two or three decades to reach this peculiar milestone, but life had other plans for both of us.


Houston Steve said...

Yes, indeed. And yet, though I never met her, I feel as if I know her. If our lives must be cut too short, we can only hope that we can live on in the way Mom lives on through you, my friend. She is truly of blessed memory.

Bou said...

My grandfather died at age 54. My Mother said it was a very odd thing, trepidation, as she approached that age and then realized she'd outlived her own father.

Sixty is too young.

leelu said...

Mother, father, and coming up on step-mother ("Mom"). Late 30's, and mid-60's.

I was surprised that I out-lived my Dad.