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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Mistress and Momma
The Mistress of Sarcasm and her lovely Momma at the falls (where else?) in Falls Village, Connecticut.

It’s one of those “Sunrise, Sunset” moments when a child hits a major Age-Milestone. And that’s what we are having right now, for our baby girl - the Mistress of Sarcasm - celebrates her thirtieth birthday today.


Without getting all maudlin about all that Passage of Time business, I can honestly say that it’s a little hard to believe. Not because the Mistress hasn’t grown into a wonderful, (mostly) fully realized, talented young woman, because she has done that and more... but because it means that I am nearly sixty years old myself. And that’s passing strange!

Years - nay, decades ago, I wrote the following in the Mistress’s baby book: “I can’t predict the future - who can? But I have a pretty good idea of what you’ll grow to be like. You’re assertive, bright, exuberant, winsome, obstinate, and affectionate... and you’ve got a daddy who has loved you from the very first second of your life.” The first part has come true, and the second is still true.

Alas, we won’t be with her to celebrate the day, but we had a chance to do that two weeks ago. A sort of Birthday Preview, if you will. Nevertheless, her big sister, our Elder Daughter, is there in our place, along with a multitudinous multiplicity of friends new and old.  There will be celebration a-plenty, an all-day event featuring a talent show, movies, a bonfire, camping, and - who knows? - perhaps a walk-on appearance by one of the neighborhood bears.

Enjoy this special day, my love - and may the coming years bring you ever more health and happiness, without limit to any good thing!


Mistress of Sarcasm said...

Thank you Dad. I love you.

Kevin Kim said...

Joyeux anniversaire et meilleurs souhaits pour tout de bon, MoS!

BobG said...

Congratulations to the lovely young lady.

Jim - PRS said...

Happy toitieth boitday!

Froth said...

Congrats to the lovely birthday miss and her parents,too.