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Friday, June 29, 2012


Keep Calm

 A perfectly appropriate sentiment, given that blogging appears to be dead meat.


El Capitan said...

Oh, I dunno. My blog twitches from time to time, but you have to kick it pretty hard...

Yabu said...

I don't think blogging is dead, but I do believe Facebook will be gone sooner rather than later. I will continue to put some rubbish up until I decide not to. No big deal to me really...I can take it or leave it. I mean, who really cares what I think about current affairs, or what I cook, or what glass the Juju Woman makes. Nobody. I can walk away in a second, but blogging is kinda like a playground. Can't take it seriously. I really don't care.

Having said that, I've found some new (personal) blogs I really enjoy. I like reading about what "like-minded" people think. I like peoples opinions, their humor, and their honesty.

When I got into this, with my first blog, ten years ago, I enjoyed it. I still enjoy it now. I've never been about traffic, but I do like comments. I am a Southern man, and I believe in manners. Born and raised with 'em. If someone leaves a comment, I will respond...even if it's just a "HAHA". I believe that if someone leaves a comment on my blog, I should respond. I might miss a few, but I believe what I believe.

I will NEVER do Facebook. Never. If someone wants to find me, they can. If I want to find someone, I can.

Facebook is "blogging minus", and that's a fact.

Just saying'

Anonymous said...

Speaking not as a blogger, but a seasoned lurker... I sure hope NOT!

CGHill said...

I was here before most of the bloggers, and I'll be here when most of them are gone.

Inertia. It's more than just a good idea: it's the law.

Anonymous said...

Blogging has been dead for ages. Most that do it now do it as a personal journal, and who cares if anyone reads?

Facebook is, I must agree, the syphilis of the Internet, and the sooner it is gone the better. Twitter? Nah.

Soon enough there will be live visual and audio feeds of an individual's life, many of them, and people will watch to live vicariously through them, bewcause their own lives suck so badly.

me, I write just to keep that muscle exercised.