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Friday, October 1, 2010


[Click to embiggen.]

This rainbow - a full double arch spanning horizon to horizon - appeared outside our front door last Monday after a violent thunderstorm. We’re talking hail and power outages, the latter of which are ever so much fun when you’re in the back aisles of a pitch-black supermarket. After I made it home (in one piece, thankfully), I caught the glow of the ’bow out of the corner of my eye and was able to capture it with Mr. Nikon.


Erica said...

I love Mr. Nikon. And did you say the ne'ehman b'vriso upon seeing Mr, Rainbow?


BobG said...

Good thing you weren't standing next to this guy.

Elisson said...

In case you're curious, Erica is referring to the blessing Jews recite upon seeing a rainbow:

Barukh Atah Hashem Elokeinu melekh ha-olam, zokheir ha-brit v'ne-eman biv'rito v'kayam b'ma-amaro.

Blessed are You, God, Lord of the universe, who remembers His covenant, is faithful to it, and keeps His promise.

It's a reference to the story of Noah. After the Great Flood, God - so says the Book of Genesis - set the rainbow in the sky as a symbol of His promise to never again destroy the world.

(That's a job He prefers to leave to us humans.)

Kimberly said...

When I saw your post's title and rainbow photo (beautiful!), I, too, thought of the Flood and God's promise. I didn't know - though I'm not surprised - that there's a specific blessing associated with rainbows.

Rahel Jaskow said...

Oh... wow, wow, wow....