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Saturday, June 19, 2010


With Father’s Day approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to consider the manifold blessings of Dadnis. Chief among them are my claim to fatherhood: my daughters.

My Girlz
My girls. Left: The Mistress of Sarcasm. Right: Elder Daughter.

With these two, I feel like I have hit the Fatherly Jackpot. Even if they were not my own children, I’d want to have them as friends and confidantes - possibly the highest compliment a parent can bestow upon a child. Of course, the powerful motherly talents of She Who Must Be Obeyed figure into their personalities as well.

One of the benefits of having adult children - aside from their (mostly) being off the Daddy-Payroll - is that you get to enjoy them as fully-realized people, people with their own interests, talents, aspirations, and desires. Some of those are the products of parental influence, but that influence diminishes as the years fly by, with its impact largely confined to the bedrock values by which one lives. I’m happy to report that our daughters have those values firmly in place, whether through my efforts, their mother’s fine example, or their own life experiences.

I’m glad to be a daddy... and I am especially to be glad to be the father of my own two girls. Girls? No, women. And still both the apple of their daddy’s eye.


Kevin Kim said...

Here's wishing you a Happy Father's Day, albeit a few hours early.

Fiona said...

You and the missus did well :) One's parents' influence can never be underestimated, truly.

Mistress of Sarcasm said...

Soooo much love, Dad. I'm a lucky daughter.

Margie said...

You and Donna did indeed raise two amazing and beautiful young women.

Elder Daughter said...

I love you Dad. We hit the parental jackpot too, I'd say.

Yabu said...

I've met he Mistress of Sarcasm, remember? During that short time, like Sherlock, I deduced she was a very intelligent, polite...attractive young lady. I'm certain Elder Daughter is as well. Good on you.

You're a lucky man.