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Friday, June 25, 2010


The minister pounded the lectern, his face red from exertion and righteous fury.

“He is no hero, no hero at all. He is, rather, a fallen angel.

“This business of coming to Earth in a rocket ship? Don’t you believe it! He is Lucifer himself, expelled from Heaven for presuming to be greater than God Almighty!”

A chorus of amens and hallelujahs rose from the congregation. They had always feared the stranger in red and blue; now they hated him. Soon they would bend all efforts to destroy him.

The Lexington Lutherans shouted the invocation as one: Superman must die!

[Inspired by this classic post by Mark Hoback... and by our drive through Kentucky yesterday.]


Roses said...

I had forgotten how much I enjoy these stories!

KeesKennis said...

One, 2, 3 ......82, 83, 84, eighty five,

I talk about food here.

100 excactly.

I tink, as I don't know the rools.

Anonymous said...

.... bhwahhahahaha..... excellent....

Kiril The Mad Macedonian said...

Pardon me, but, um, I thought he died long ago...

Of course I quit reading comics in the 90's so I have no clue how many times DC has killed him off since then, or if he & Lois finally got hitched, or if Lex being a Father is still part of the continuity.

Loved your story, though, anyway. ;-D