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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Not everything in the Cheese Aisle Kitchen is a roaring success, just so you know.

This evening at sundown marks the Jewish holiday of Purim, a post-biblical celebration that follows the classic “they tried to kill us - they failed - let’s eat” model. And hamantaschen, a three-cornered pastry, is a traditional holiday goodie. I rarely bake ’em myself, but... 

...this recipe sounded irresistible. Chocolate-Chili Hamantaschen with Dulce de Leche Filling made with cinnamon, three different kinds of chile peppers, and a shot of Kahlúa, stuffed with yummy caramel... holy crap! A whole different animal from the usual hamantaschen filled with mohn (poppyseeds), apricot, or prune jam.

Well, they look pretty horrible. Ugly as Death backing out of an outhouse reading Mad magazine, as the saying goes... but they do taste rather nice. I’ve saved the remaining dough to use when I feel like having a cookie.


El Capitan said...

As a yoot, I occasionally got dragooned into service as a tailholder & general dogsbody assisting in knocking up heifers with long syringes.

You have indeed "nailed it", in respect to perfectly capturing in pastry form the nether orifii of the female bovine, which from birth unto death have never known the blessings of two-ply bathroom tissue...

On second thought, let's not go with "nailed it".

Elisson said...

And once again, my Bloggy Buddies provide insights that heretofore would have escaped my feeble imagination. Thanks, Cap'n!