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Friday, March 27, 2015


Cherry blossoms brighten up a hazy day in our neighborhood.

Springtime is cherry blossom time in Atlanta.

Usually, there is a sort of sequence to the blooming of the local trees: first redbuds, followed by Bradford pears (phewie!), followed by forsythia and cherry blossoms, with the azaleas and dogwoods bringing up the rear. This year, however, it seems the trees have all suddenly exploded into clouds of flowery gorgeousness.

Is there a downside? Perhaps. It might be the pollen. The really nasty stuff - tree and ragweed pollen - comes along later, though. Right now, we don’t have to deal with the Green Cloud o’ Doom - just falling petals.

If you have never experienced springtime in Atlanta, you are really missing something special. It’s bewitching, and even the occasional threat of the dreaded Funnel Cloud does not suffice to break the spell.

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