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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Brie Football
Brie with IPA-habañero jelly... the perfect food for a cheese-eating surrender Bronco.

This year’s Super Bowel was singularly unexciting, what with the Seattle Seahawks dragging the Denver Broncos straight to the glue factory. Peyton Manning will probably be having nightmares about this game for years, alas.

Even the commercials mostly sucked. (OK, there were one or two good ones, but there’s something perverse about deriving any enjoyment whatsoever from advertising.)

But we didn’t give a crap, because we had gaboons of food and a small mob of friends to share it with. Two kinds of chili (chicken and beef); two kinds of bread (whole-grain sourdough and Southern-style cornbread); a metric buttload of meatballs in the traditional grape jelly-Heinz chili sauce gravy; Ro-Tel dip; a hunk of Brie carved to look like a football and buried in IPA-habañero jelly... and lots, lots more.

Just so you know: The Missus, being from Texas, knows her way around the chili pot.

(I will own up to having made a dish that resembled a Bad Brain, a whole cauliflower head slathered in a spicy sauce and then roasted. It was, emphatically, Not A Success... unless you define a successful dish as one that tastes like ass. Burning hot ass.)

Skillet Cornbread
A skillet full of Southern-style cornbread.

Chicken and White Bean Chili Beef Chili
White bean and chicken chili (top); beef chili (bottom). Mmmmm, chili.

We will be eating leftovers for the foreseeable future.

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