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Monday, October 14, 2013



Some of my Esteemed Readers may have seen the above little gem floating around the Internet.  Hardly a surprise, for anything George Takei sticks up on his Facebook page will circulate like clap at a whores’ convention.

The late Don Knotts, he of Andy Griffith Show fame, later the ridiculous landlord in the Three’s Company TV series, had the kind of phiz that practically forced his career choice down his throat: accountant or comic actor.  Alas, he is gone the Way of All Flesh now, and only characters like Barney Fife, Mr. Furley, and (Gawd save us) The Incredible Mr. Limpet remain behind to preserve his memory.

Gotta love that punim, though.  So versatile.  So amusing!  Lookee:

General Knotts
“I love a man in uniform.” - Aunt Beeski


Dustyr55 said...

Don Knotts died in 2006.

Elisson said...

I am well aware of that, Dusty. Did I say anything to imply that Mr. Knotts had died recently? I think Knotts. Err, not.

Nope. This is just a random post about Don Knotts. But thanks fer stopping by!