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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Two-Fisted Wine Drinker
Elisson: two-fisted wine drinker.

This evening the Sommelier Guild returns to Chops Lobster Bar for an event featuring 2009-10 Bordeaux.

Chops Lobster Bar
The ceiling of the Chops Lobster Bar is done in brickwork reminiscent of New York’s Grand Central Terminal Oyster bar. Coincidence? I think not.

I am especially happy about this for several reasons, not least of which being that Bordeaux is the source of my most beloved wines, bar none. Thanks to our being out of town at the time, I also missed the last event at Chops, so I am happy for the opportunity to attend a Guild event there at last. And who knows - perhaps I can convince The Missus to join me this time!

Let’s take a look at the winey and diney offerings, shall we?

NV Colon Brut Grower Champagne
2011 Sbragia Home Ranch Vineyard Chardonnay - Dry Creek, Sonoma County, California**

First Flight:
2010 Château Labadie - Côtes de Bourg, Médoc, Bordeaux**
2009 Château Cambon la Pelouse - Haut Médoc, Bordeaux*
2009 Château Cap de Faugeres - Côtes de Castillon, Bordeaux***

Pepper-crusted swordfish, Cognac crème, port-braised shallot, and potato confit

Second Flight:
2010 Château de Chantegrive Rouge - Graves, Bordeaux***
2009 Château de Chantegrive Rouge - Graves, Bordeaux**
2009 Château La Vieille Cure - Fronsac, Bordeaux***

Filet mignon topped with black truffle butter, steamed asparagus

Third Flight:
2009 Château Clerc Milon - Pauillac, Bordeaux***
2009 Château Devise d’Ardilley - Haut Médoc, Bordeaux**

Lamb rib chop, fingerling potatoes, haricots verts, and rosemary demi-glace

Hmmm, lessee. Swordfish, filet of beef, lamb chops... and a fine selection of wines from my favorite spot on the globe (for making wine, anyway.) As they say at the poker table, I am definitely all-in.

Update: The Missus did indeed join me, and we are both glad she did, because the evening was, as they say, formidable. Her fave? The Château Labadie, which, at $14.99 the bottle, had the best quality-to-price ratio of the evening.

1989 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande - Pauillac****
2010 Cune Rioja Late Harvest**
2009 Linsolence Saint-Emilion*
2004 Château Coutet Sauternes-Barsac**
2003 Château Suduiraut Sauternes***
2001 Coteaux du Layon Saint Aubin de Luigné

Great wines, fine company, tasty food.  Winning!

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