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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Stella on the Stairs! photo Stella20131009165a.jpg
What are you looking at, Bub?

Meet Stella, the newest member of the Elisson household.

She’s a whole lotta kitty, Miss Stella is: a two-year-old Ragdoll, weighing in at something on the order of 14 pounds.  When she suddenly found herself in need of a new home - her owners being unable to continue caring for her - SWMBO’s brother and SIL in Denton, Texas provided her a foster home until we could come and get her.  She spent a blissful month with them, terrorizing their other two cats (one of whom, Brando, is her younger sibling)... and after a long but uneventful journey, she is now making herself at home here at Chez Elisson.

It’s nice to have a kitty here again.  Since Levon’s premature - and heartbreaking - departure, it has been all too quiet.  Now we can enjoy the company of this sweet new furbaby.

Now, where did she run off to?



Rahel Jaskow said...

Congratulations, Elisson and SWMBO! Please pet Stella for me... oh, what a heart-meltingly beautiful cat!

Avrumel said...

This poem is really shitty.

mostly cajun said...

A true feline beauty!


Unknown said...

She's a beauty..love those blue eyes!

Elisson said...

Avrumel, I think you meant to leave this comment on the previous post! ;-)

LeeAnn said...

You named her that just so you could do your Kowalski. I know you did.
I named a previous cat Shithead for the same reason.

Elisson said...


Anonymous said...

I love to keep track of your kitties and cooking.
She is a love.

Thank you for giving Miss Kitty a fabulous home.

Vicki in GA