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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Our friend Malka’s best buddy Tova is visiting from Israel, and she is having a grand time being squired around Atlanta.  Shopping, restaurants, even the Georgia Aquarium... and all a mere prologue to New York, where she and Malka will be headed in a few days.

She has certainly shown that she has good taste in cats...

Tova and Levon

...and who can blame her?

The food in here Georgia is, for her, a constant source of amazement.  Last weekend, a small army of us descended on Greenwood’s on Green Street (home of the insanely calorific Greenwood’s Holy Shit Chocolate by Gawd Cream Pie) with Tova in tow.  The fried green tomatoes were impressive enough, but then Houston Steve and Barry R. decided to split an order of fried chicken - mainly owing to it’s being way too much for any one normal person to consume at a sitting.

When the chicken arrived at the table, Tova nearly jumped out of her chair.

“איזו חיה זו?” she asked Malka. What animal is this?

“It’s a chicken,” replied Malka.  She did not say, “a giant, mutated chicken,” but she could have.  Drenched in honey-pepper sauce, the thing was the size of a damnèd Thanksgiving turkey.  (I would have said an ostrich, but then I’d be guilty of exaggeration.)

They say everything’s bigger in Texas... but Texas chickens don’t hold a candle to the humongous Yardbirds of the Southeast!

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