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Friday, November 16, 2012


The iPod d’Elisson
The iPod d’Elisson, AKA the Little White Choon Box.

I have been unconscionably sloppy about posting my Friday Random Ten lists in the last year or so. As I mentioned last time, that’s because (1) I am lazy, and (2) I am pretty sure you, Esteemed Reader, do not give Shit One about the music I am listening to at any given moment. And that’s perfectly OK.

Nevertheless, every so often I will do it anyway, even if only for the annoyance factor.

By way of a refresher, the Friday Random Ten is a list of songs generated at random (duh!) by the iPod d’Elisson when set on shuffle mode.  The actual iPod - the first-generation example of the device pictured above - has also been joined in this endeavor by a few newer devices: the iPhone and the iPad d’Elisson.  Think of it as a window that allows you a look into my ridiculous taste in music.

Let’s see what the Little White Choon Box has for us today:
  1. Swordfishtrombones - Tom Waits

    Tom Waits for no one. Heh.

  2. Flight of the Passing Fancy - Squirrel Nut Zippers

  3. Act I, Scene 1: Soldiers of Heaven Hold the Sky - John Adams, Nixon in China

  4. Stairway to Heaven - Tiny Tim

    Yes, that Tiny Tim.  Strangely enough, his cover of “Hey Jude” is pretty good.  This one is just... weird.

  5. Mozart: Requiem in D Minor, Communio - Lux Aeterna - Herbert von Karajan

  6. How Do You Do? - Radiohead

  7. I’ll Be Back - The Beatles

  8. Where’s Summer B? - Ben Folds Five

  9. Dream Gerrard - Traffic

  10. Particle Wave - Sticklips

    Tread lightly
    So as not to startle
    The shadow
    Whose particles gather nightly
    To feed on the gallows

    Don’t stand here

    In that squalid dungeon
    Whose silence
    Harbors thund’rous squalls that leave me
    Shaken from their violence

    We believe in something

    But it doesn’t have a name
    Our skulls are the cages built for
    Beasts we cannot tame

    Don’t leave me

    In those dirty trenches
    Spoon-feed me
    Whispered words to quench my thirst
    And quell the hell that stillness breeds

    I believe in the chemicals

    Coursing through my veins
    And in the electric signals
    Firing in my brains

    But how much can you take

    How much can you take
    Our skulls are the cages built for
    Beasts we cannot tame
    But some forces are too strong
    For cages to contain

    Sticklips, the brainchild of one Johanna Warren, is hard to describe - Electro-Folk doesn’t quite do it, but it is as good a category as I can think of.  This tune is from their second album, Zemi, which I highly recommend.  You can find it here.

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?


BobG said...

I tend to put together playlists according to mood. This is the top ten from one I have been listening to for a few days. It's actually a bit down, I'm afraid.

"Misery Loves Company" by It's A Beautiful Day
"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" by Meatloaf
"Songs to Aging Children Come" by Joni Mitchell
"Walking the Blues" by Maria Muldaur
"Hurt" by Johnny Cash
"I Drink Alone" by George Thorogood & the Destroyers
"Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult
"Crying in the Rain" by A-Ha
"Snowblind Friend" by Steppenwolf
"I Never Cry" by Alice Cooper

K-nine said...

Don't wait for me - Ryan Bingham

Don't wait for me
'Cause I'll be running late
By the flowers upon my grave
Don't wait for me
'Cause I'll be coming home
Don't wait for me
Long by the telephone

'Cause I'm wild running through the hills
And my eyes are wondering how you feel
And the miles upon miles keep falling from the sky
Don't wait for me
When the flowers die

Don't wait for me
I have many miles to go
Don't wait for me
I have nothing left to show
Don't wait for me
Wonderin' what is wrong
Don't wait for me
I'll catch up at the break of dawn


Don't wait for me
Sleepin' in the summer sun
Don't wait for me
With my pillow lies my gun
Don't wait for me
I'm gonna finish last
Don't wait for me
I'm mending fences of my past


Don't wait for me
When the flowers die