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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Tommie the Zombie
(Photograph by Morris William.)

When the Zombie Apocalypse struck, no sentient being was immune. Humans were affected the most, but orangutans and other Great Apes, along with dolphins, also suffered the Plague of the Undead. The severity of the infection appeared to be proportional to the intelligence of the victim species.

The strange creatures living on the remote Island of Sodor were affected as well. Strange? Nay, bizarre was a better description... for how else could one characterize intelligent beings of metal, wood, and glass?

Childlike though they were, their intelligence doomed them. Today, Tommy the Zombie Tank Engine roams the rails, howling, “Traaaaaaaains!”

[Inspired by the above photo of an actual Thomas the Tank Engine toy.  Defaced?  Defective?  Or undead?]


Kevin Kim said...

Now I'm stuck with the mental image of a dolphin gnawing into another dolphin's brains. Thanks.

Today's captcha code is "eahriva." Hebrew, perhaps?

K-nine said...

By far my favorite in a long time... And kudos on the uber-creepy train face (shudder).

Nancy said...