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Friday, April 6, 2012


Bernadette in the Sunroom
Bernadette relaxes in the sunroom at Chez Elisson.

What with the Mistress of Sarcasm spending a couple of weeks with us here in the Deep Souf, it was entirely appropriate that Bernadette Catstro accompany her. The idea of leaving Bernie all alone in the wilds of Falls Village, Connecticut was not considered for even a moment.

Bernadette is a seasoned traveler. She endured the seventeen-hour drive down from New York last week with nary a peep of complaint. Upon arrival here at Chez Elisson, she settled in as though she had lived here before. Which, in fact, she had.

We still take pains to keep her away from Hakuna: The resident kitty here does not play well with others. But that is easily done with a few strategically closed doors.

While she explores the house, Bernadette likes to keep mostly to herself. But there are times that she will trot out Teh Cuddly... and those times are oh, so sweet.

Cuddly Bernadette


Erica said...

These both looks like available light photos. They're really terrific.

Rahel said...

Awww... awww... awww... wanna skritch....