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Monday, April 11, 2011


Tiny, 1996-2011. Requiescat in pace. [Photo by Sissy Willis.]

We here in the Cheese Aisle were saddened to hear of the passing of Sissy Willis’s lovely Maine Coon cat, Tiny.

I’ve met a handful of cats face-to-face that I first got to know through the bloggy-sphere, Laurence Simon’s brood of kitties being a notable example. Alas, Tiny (or her late big brother Baby) was not among them. And yet, thanks to her human companion Sissy’s gift for capturing “the light fantastic” through her photographs, I can conjure her up via the magic of memory whenever I wish.

Sissy notes in her post that “cats see things we don’t.” How true. Hakuna kept us both up most of last night with a barrage of Cat-Music. Whether she was scolding She Who Must Be Obeyed for being away in Texas the past several days, or whether she was grappling with hallucinations or Familiar Spirits, who can say? Perhaps big sister Matata was calling her from beyond the Rainbow Bridge... or perhaps she knew that Tiny was no longer among us.

Tiny, we hardly knew ye. We mourn your passing: one Tiny loss for Sissy and Tuck, one giant loss for the cat-blogosphere. Ave atque vale!


Sissy Willis said...

Now i'm crying again.

Thank you. Your words so eloquent and evocative, your choice of just the right image to convey her incandescence.

The black border ...

Tears, but remembering too what Chris Muir said in the comments:

"Cats have 10 lives...the 10th is our memory of them."

Sissy Willis said...

Thank you for a touching and tear-inducing tribute to my precious one.

You chose just the right image to express her incandescence.

I have blogged a thank-you post at sisu: