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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Low Light Hakuna
Hakuna keeps watch in the den at night in this vaguely painterly image. (What she’s watching for, who knows?)

Today is Hakuna’s sixteenth birthday. Sweet Sixteen!

It’s been fascinating, observing her Life-Journey from somewhat reserved Big-Sister Kitty (compared to Matata’s outsize personality, how could she help but appear reserved?) to sedate yet vivacious Night-Talker. And I’ve been photographing her in her variegated moods for at least the past seven years.

Treats are in order... and yet, Hakuna generally eschews treats, preferring her regular kibble to any alien offerings. Her favor is not so easily bought. But we’ll celebrate anyway, with or without her. Perhaps sushi. She’d like that.

Update: As befits a Birthday Girl, Hakuna leads the parade of kitties over at the Modulator, where this week’s Friday Ark sets out on its 337th voyage. This Sunday, be sure to head on over to Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat for the 372nd edition of Carnival of the Cats.


Sissy Willis said...

The eternal feline. That image is hauntingly beautiful.

Rahel said...

Happy birthday to lovely Hakuna! Please pet and skritch her for me.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

My my my... grand old dame indeed :)

Nikita Cat said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Yes, Carnival is now up, t Meowsings.

It has been an exciting week at our place, so much so that, when you come by, now several days after the Birthday, you might not even recognize the joint. ;-D

You guys may be lost in a Cheese Aisle, but Elvira & I, well, we are rollicking in a fiels of Catnip!

Hee, hee! ;-D