Dazed and confused? Not me. I’m just Lost in the Cheese Aisle.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Our Bunwad Stores were getting low,
So to the Market I must go,
Thus to avoid the Wifely Griping
Occasioned by Paperless Ass-Wiping.

I got my Butt into the Car
And drove to Target – ’twas not far.
Unto the Bunwad Aisle emergent,
I now needs must choose my Abstergent.

Look – that one’s Package has a Bear
(How does he wipe, with all that Hair?)
And this one’s Roll is extra-large,
With Squares enough to wipe a Barge.

This Other, extra strong and tough –
Like Garnet Paper on the Duff.
Here’s yet a Third, so extra cushy
It’s like a Pillow on the Tushy.

O, all these Choices drive me nuts –
Why all these Papers for our Butts?
To clean one’s Arse – a simple Job –
One only needs a dry Corn Cob.

No more, no more the Charmin Bear
With Orville Redenbacher there!


Nor Grebnief said...

Gee, thanks! Now every time I toss a handful of popcorn into my mouth I'll be thinking of your ass!

El Capitan said...

Outdoor crapping
is fun & lively!
Just don't wipe
with poison ivy...

Elisson said...

...'cause if you do,
it's Heinie Hively!