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Monday, August 30, 2010


Some of my Esteemed Readers may be curious about the doings of the Mistress of Sarcasm’s recently-adopted pussycat Bernadette. Wonder no more.

Bernadette and the Mistress

Bernadette is doing wonderfully (cat ayin hara). After having spent well over a year in not one, but two different shelters - the first one having been shut down due to lack of funds - she has found a truly happy home with the Mistress. And now she is willing to put up with the rest of us as well...

Elisson and Bernie

The only downside? That white and grey hair of hers gets all over everything. A small price to pay, if you ask me...

Hair? What hair?

Update: Friday Ark #310 is afloat at the Modulator, with Captain Steve at the helm after a well-deserved (and long-overdue) week off.

Carnival of the Cats #338 will be hosted by Kashim, Othello, and Salome, the Three Tabby Cats in Vienna - be sure to stop by and visit after it goes up Sunday afternoon.

Update 2: CotC #338 is up... and it’s a beauty!


Kevin Kim said...

And on the eighth day, the LORD created lint rollers.

Mostly Cajun said...

Cat hair is a small price to pay for happiness...


Maven said...

In this picture, you really bear a striking resemblance to your Uncle Phil.