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Saturday, June 3, 2017


According to one version of Wonder Woman’s origin story, Queen Hippolyta desperately wanted a child... so much so that she resorted to sculpting one from clay. Given the religious proclivities of the Greeks of the time, one can assume that prayers and sacrifices to the Olympian gods were employed as well.

Hippolyta’s prayers were answered. With uncharacteristic compassion, the goddesses living atop Mount Olympus brought the clay child to life.

The child, who would be known as Diana, was subsequently raised to adulthood by the Amazons on the mysterious isle of Themyscira.

Thus was born the Legend of the Girlem.

1 comment:

Kevin Kim said...

I would've thought you'd go with "Gal-em" because (1) "Gal" is Mrs. Gadot's first name,
(2) "gal" means "girl," and (3) the switch from "golem" to "gal-em" requires changing only one vowel.

Then again, "Girlem" sounds a bit like changing "Golem" to "Gölem," so there's that.

Shifting gears: I thought this might interest you as well, Mr. Colander.