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Thursday, April 23, 2015


It sucks to be a kid today
You don’t have time to run and play
They teach you science and linguistics
And feed you “nuggets” ’stead of fish sticks
They’ll teach you calculus next week -
Nuclear physics, not hide-and-seek
Your intellect is daily measured
And playing ball is hardly treasured
You learn to surf the Internet
Instead of working up a sweat
For coloring outside the lines
They levy monetary fines
For thinking outside of the box
They force you to break heavy rocks
The difference ’twixt school and jail
Is that in prison you can’t fail
Just being here gives you a cramp
At daily Education Camp
I guess the grownups know what’s best
Today you’ll have another test
The future, it looks cold and gray
It sucks to be a kid today

It sucks to be a teacher, too
The parents tell you to go screw
Refuse to discipline their kid
Regardless of the things he did
The modern learning paradigm
Makes being young a mortal crime
To fit them for their future roles
We jam tots into pigeonholes
And try to build their “self-esteem”
With no thought of what it should mean
The work is hard, rewards are few
It sucks to be a teacher, too

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