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Saturday, July 19, 2014


The other day I went to see the doctor, and he removed a mole.

No, it’s not what you think. The doctor was not my dermatologist, and I did not go to his office to have something snipped off my skin. This was Dr. T., a personal friend, and he and I were taking an afternoon dip in his swimming pool. The good doctor removed said mole - the mammalian variety - from said pool, where it had drowned.

The mole is a creature of the earth: A swimming pool, being mostly filled with water, is not its natural habitat. The poor little feller was out of its element, and a mole in water will fare little better than a fish out of water.

[Those inclined to squeamishness should probably stay on this side of the jump.]

Drowned Mole


El Capitan said...

Well, it looks benign, but you'd better take a biopsy just to be sure...

Chris said...

The Water Rat might have been able to assist.

Erica said...

Someday I will tell you the happier tale of how I came to rescue a vole from a bathtub.