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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today is my Quarter-Birthday.

I’m 61¼ years old today. Joy!

It is entirely appropriate to celebrate one’s Quarterday with a quarter of a birthday cake, an entire birthday cake being presumptuous, excessive, déclassé. In lieu of a quarter-cake, a cupcake or two is an acceptable substitute.

I will abstain from cake, however, now that the holidays are behind us. No, a simple meal at one of my favorite local restaurants will be just fine.

We’ve got reservations for two at Horsemeat ’n’ Waffles. I love the waffles - just the thing whether you want to go sweet or savory. The appetizers are to die for... but the manes are where the chef really shines.


Kevin Kim said...

61.25, eh? I'm not up on my Hebrew numerology... do the numbers/letters "6-1-2-5" have some sort of significance?

Anyway, Happy Quarterday!

Adam Lawson said...

Happy Quarterday, may your Colander ever be free of rust.

Rahel Jaskow said...


(or should I say: "Neigh"?)