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Monday, February 6, 2012


Now, this...


...is one tiny-ass pickle.

She Who Must Be obeyed loves these little guys. Sweet gherkins - another kind of miniature pickle - are a favorite of hers, but this is no sweet gherkin. It is a cornichon, a Frenchified dwarf pickle with a subtle flavor.

Any time I bring home a pint of cornichons from the local Pickle Shoppe, SWMBO can be relied upon to demolish them in short order. And why not? They’re low in calories but packed with vinegary flavor.

Best of all, the cornichon is a perfect garnish for the Pickletini, being, as it is, a Teeny Pickle. Have one today!


Rich said...

Is the nail polish color in honor of the occasion?

Elisson said...

@Rich - By George! I hadn't noticed that before, but you're absolutely right!

Houston Steve said...

Another great discovery: The Travel Writer came home yesterday, and at cocktail hour requested a Martini ala Dad (chilled Bombay Sapphire in a glass). In lieu of my usual trick of waving the vermouth bottle in the general vicinity of the mixing glass, I actually added a few drops of the Herbes de Provence infused vermouth I had prepared for the Provencal cocktails with which we are so enamored. The results were superb. . .to the point that the Travel Writer has requested a repeat performance each evening she is home. I owe you one on your next visit to our humble abode.

Kris said...

I wish to compliment SWMBO on the very classy manicure. NICE. The cornichon's a tasty lil' nugget, for sure.