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Monday, January 16, 2012


You never know where pictures you post on the Inter-Webby-Net will end up.

There are plenty of merry pranksters who will take the most innocent images and Photoshop the crap out of them, to ridiculous effect. I myself have been known to get involved in similar nefarious activities.

And then there are the folks over at Worth 1000, who take Photoshopping to a whole new level.

One of their current contests involves creating a hoax planking shot. Imagine my surprise at finding myself in a whole new planking pose...

Hippo Planking

I have no idea who the Photoshop artist is who found my image on the ’Net and used it as the basis for his (or her) contest entry, but I offer a happy fedora-tip! Now, where’s a towel, that I may wipe off all the hippo saliva?

Update: The artist’s name is johndiablo, and his entry scored a bronze medal in this particular contest. Now: is owling next?


Erica said...

This automatically makes you -- with all due respect to Hashem (you know I heart you, Hashemy) -- sort of a god.

Erica said...

Ew, did you see the one entitled "Venice Mushrooms?"

Yak. *spew*

Jeffro said...

Now that might just leave a mark.....