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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Fremont Street Cowboy and Cowgirl
Two landmarks of downtown Las Vegas - the Neon Cowboy and Cowgirl on Fremont Street. (Click to embiggen.)

Vegas Vic and Vegas Vicky, two long-term denizens of Glitter Gulch, welcome visitors to downtown Las Vegas.  Alas, we were there during the day: After dark is the best time to see Fremont Street, when that enormous canopy is illuminated with millions of lights and the neon signs are going full blast.

My attention was focused on that humongous goose.  I at first thought it was a duck - it does give off a sort of a rubber ducky vibe - but realized that it had to be a goose, owing to the presence of the legendary (and Vegas-appropriate) golden eggs.  That’s a whole lotta Goose-Schmaltz on the hoof, right there.

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Did you see Tom Waits?