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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yesterday evening, Cook’s Warehouse - a purveyor of kitchen supplies whose latest outlet is conveniently located adjacent to the new Whole Paycheck Foods Market in our neighborhood - hosted a Grand Opening celebration. We, along with several of our friends, decided to make an evening of it.

In addition to raffling off numerous Cookly Goodies (none of which we won, as it happens), they were dispensing all manner of free food and beverage samples. And the place was packed to the rafters with excited Foodie Suburbanites.

Of course, there was one guest they may not have been counting on...

Colander Borg-Man 2011
This year’s new and improved Colander Borg-Man!

Yes, any time there’s a store that’s chock-full of Objets de Cuisine, there’s sure to be a colander among all of that nice, shiny merch... and Colander Borg-Man will be on it like stink on shit white on rice.

It’s what he does.


Kris said...

Rakishly handsome fellow, but why the second colander down below? I'd make some sick reference to an X-files episode about an evil conjoined twin or a parasitic alien, but I shall await your explanation instead, as it is likely to be hella funnier.

Houston Steve said...

The second colander covers his credulity - which, obviously, is frequently strained.

Elisson said...

"The quality of mercy is not strained... but pretty much everything else can be if you've got a colander!" - Colander Borg-Man

BobG said...

It looks like a ventilated hardhat.