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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A bottle of Crystal Skull vodka accompanied by a brace of matching shot glasses.

When I saw this at Eric’s place this past weekend - one of a plethora of birthday gifts showered upon the Tennessee Renaissance Man - I could not help but think of Kevin Kim’s book, Water from a Skull. Not that there was water in that skull-shaped flask...

... and not that our activities had a whole lot to do with spirituality. Rather, they had a whole lot more to do with spirits... of the distilled sort.

Given that Hallowe’en was just around the corner, how could you not love a glass skull full of vodka? No wonder they call it “skullpop”!

Probably a good thing Dax wasn’t there this year, if only because I’d hate to think of the trouble he could get into with that skull.


Dax Montana said...

I was "eyeballin" that skull pretty hard..Just Damn!

Kevin Kim said...

Dax, your story made me feel there's hope for the world.