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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


A sign of the times.

Why, yes - it’s my birthday. However did you know?


Kevin Kim said...

'tis your birthday—now go hyper
as you buckle on your diaper
life is just a windshield wiper
left to run

just a yin-yang oscillation
Death leans close for osculation
all is merely preparation
—then 'tis done

years roll on, and we get older
soon our brains begin to molder
and our scrotal set of boulders
starts to sag

little time to stand and wonder
in our cells, entropic thunder
ripping telomeres asunder
what a drag

night has come—no longer morning
so we celebrate, a-porning
pay no heed to Reaper's warning
flip the bird

in the end, we know we're ashes
just a sac of flesh that thrashes
our existence, falling, smashes
like a turd


Joe said...

Best wishes for the happiest of days