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Friday, January 4, 2013


Real... or Memorex?
“Who the hell are you and what the f%$k are you doing on my bed?”

One of these sourpuss Persian cats is an impostor... can you tell which one?

Let’s take another look:

Never mind
“Oh, never mind. Obviously, you’ve been decapitated and thus cannot answer me.”

The cat on the left is not, thank Gawd, a decapitated Dwarf-Kitty. He is a needle-felted finger puppet, handcrafted by the Mistress of Sarcasm.  I love the way she captured the vaguely pissed-off look of the real Persian... right down to the eyebrows!


Kevin Kim said...

That's amazing work. I really couldn't tell, upon looking only at the first image, that the cat on the left wasn't real.

Unknown said...

There's no art in finding the [cat's] mind construction in the face.