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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Three great monotheistic faiths live adjacent to one another - cheek by jowl, as it were - in the Holy Land... and, as we know, there are occasional times when relationships amongst these children of Abraham are not ideal.

We saw precious little evidence of any actual friction during our visit.  Nevertheless, when we visited the Galilee we discovered a singular illustration of the profound differences between two religious communities.

In Zefat, a venerable seat of Jewish mysticism and the home of Kabbalah, this peculiar sign caught our attention:

Weapons and Puppies
One stop shopping!

The next morning, we visited K’far Nahum, AKA Capernaum, the home of both Jesus and of Simon Peter.  Capernaum was the little fishing village adjacent to the Sea of Galilee where Jesus conducted his ministry after departing Nazareth; it is of interest to Jews because it is the site of two ancient synagogues - including the one where Jesus is said to have taught.

Capernaum, being a site primarily sacred to Christians, is administered by Christian authorities... and it is evident that they do not see eye to eye with the Hebrew sages of Zefat:

No Dogs or Guns
Dang! So much for those weapons and puppies I just bought up the road.

C’mon, guys - can’t we agree on just a couple of things?  Never mind whether Jesus was the Son of God or not... why must I leave my Taurus 9mm and my pit bull in the car when I visit Capernaum?

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Claude said...

I so agree with you! And so would the Jesus I know...