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Monday, December 5, 2011


Yesterday, the Missus and I did something we had never done before.

We purchased alcohol in Georgia on a Sunday. Legally. And I’m talking retail, not by the drink in a restaurant or bar.

Last month, DeKalb County (along with numerous other jurisdictions throughout the state) voted overwhelmingly to remove the old blue-law restriction on Sunday package sales, “package” in this case referring to bottles of wine, beer, or spiritus frumenti. Which means that now we can drive down to Dunwoody and buy booze at Costco... or raid Total Wine for the vinous beverage of our choice.

It’s about fucking time.

Even Texas has permitted package sales on Sundays for the past few decades. Sure, you have to wait until after noon, but at least the beer aisles in the local Randall’s or Kroger aren’t dark all day long.

Looks like Georgia is finally growing up.

We bought three bottles of wine... simply because we could. And we didn’t take it home and guzzle it right up, like some of our esteemed state legislators apparently must have feared we’d do. (“Dayum, it’ll be th’ end of civilization as we know it, Merle!”) We simply exercised our right to purchase something that we could buy any other day of the week and - until a few weeks ago - could not buy on Sunday. Freedom!


marcus said...

The dry county mess is screwed up up around Dallas and Tyler, Texas.
I recall actual chains through the handles of the cooler doors at grocery and convenience stores on Sunday to keep the heathen alcoholics from pre-noon purchases of the Devil's brews. At least they got rid of the chains.

Ole Phat Stu said...

In Scotland the socalled "carry-oots" are given to you in a plain brown paper bag on sundays, ostensibly so that the religious folk can't see you're buying whisky on a sunday. But everybody knew what was in the plain brown paper bag.

Which was why I always bought my porn on a sunday ;-)

treppenwitz said...

Seems to me these blue laws should ahve been easy to overturn on separation of church and state grounds.

But what do I know?

Joe said...

still no carry-out sales in the Hoosier State on Sundays.